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Video for Business

 Video can be a very effective communications tool in all sorts of commercial applications, as briefly described below. As operations or products change, the useful life of a video might be an issue. If that is a concern, just let us know. For any of the applications below, Audio Visual Images can help design a video program that avoids costly updates, and adds interactivity at the same time. Take a look at a few of our satisfied commercial clients.

Instructional Videos


Video can be the difference between out-of-the-box product satisfaction and back-in-the-box frustration. A simple video demonstration can work wonders where thousands of words in an instruction manual may fall short. Video can leap language barriers with recorded images that show even more than they tell. If you sell products with some assembly or setup required, you may not realize you need a video; but your customers and support line representatives do.

Sales Presentation


Videos Give your customer the whole story instead of a sound bite. A customized video – or a DVD with selectable topics – can head off customer objections by illustrating highlights of your products or services that directly address a client’s specific wants and needs. We can use testimonials, charts, graphics, pictures, demonstrations, narration, and music to help you produce a powerful sales building tool.

Training Videos


Video can provide consistency in training programs. Through demonstrations, on site explanations and hands on examples, it allows you to cover a subject in greater detail. We can also show you how to economically add some interactivity. This can be a particularly good application for DVD.

Orientation Videos


Orientation videos provide new employees with a general overview of your organization, employee rules, and company philosophy that they can digest at their own pace without tying up valuable experienced personnel. Here, as with training and safety, consistency is important, and video can provide that assurance.

Safety Videos

We take particular pride and satisfaction in being part of a safety video production. Safety videos ensure that every employee has seen and heard all the key safety factors associated with the job and facilities. Nothing is left unsaid because of interruptions or distractions during the presentation, and videos can be available for review at each individual’s pace. Video is the ideal complement to safety programs administered by experienced staff. This is where we can help avoid personal injuries and even save lives.